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The orchestration & communication of brands and products is the most important aspect nowadays - whether it is trade shows, exhibitions, or events. The customer wants a personal experience with the brand, which leaves a lasting impression and tells a story that puts the customer in a different world. Architecture, design, materials & lighting concepts create a distinct experience and guide the scenery of your history - your brand.



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Even at the planning stage, we are always trying to highlight your companies unique characteristics and embed them deep in the customers sub-conscience. This results in an emotional connection with the company that would not be possible otherwise.


Already in the planning phase are we concerned with the reusability of single part of your trade fair stand. This gives the possibility for us to tailor your existing stand to any possible future trade fair.



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Product presentation

One of the most important aspects to get right at trade fairs is the presentation of your product or service. Our experienced team of product designers know exactly which type of solution fits what kind of trade fair or which stand design works best. Thereby we are always keeping in mind to keep the design functional and to stay with future trends.

The result of a successful product presentation is to not leave any question unanswered. We always operate based on this basic rule and adjust the design so that the customer recognises the product at first glimpse.



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