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[Translate to English:] Medica 2018 in Düsseldorf


“How do you combine two separated stands like they were one?” This was the challenge when we created the new trade fair concept for our customer Zimmer. The customer needs to immediately realise that he is, in fact, looking at one big stand despite the two separated rented areas.


Trade fair medica

“We really appreciate the open communication with FreiRaum. Since five years we rely on FreiRaum for our trade fair stands at Medica and every single year we are satisfied, and by now we are a very experienced team.”


Karl Keis, chief or marketing at Zimmer Medizinsysteme GmbH.


The main idea is communicated thanks to the form language of the cuboids. The cuboids look like they were being cut and pulled apart. The flooring used extends over the passageway of the trade fair and thereby creates an optical connection.


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Expressive design and functionality in harmony. Those requirements and a balanced concept are the foundation for the perfect trade fair design. We can work out important details according to your briefings and satisfy all your requests and keep direct contact with you during the concept & design phase.


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